Portfolio – Danny Kim Media Artist

Families Call out to Governor Cuomo – Special Prosecutor Campaign

These videos, produced by Justice Committee, show families of victims of police killings as they demand NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign an Executive Order for a Special Prosecutor. The Special Prosecutor would be able to conduct independent investigations (independent from the local district attorneys) and prosecute police officers responsible for killing civilians. The campaign resulted in an historical victory as Governor Cuomo signed the Executive Order for a Special Prosecutor on July 8, 2015. (Was responsible for filming and editing 8 PSAs that were used during the campaign)


“Small House Burning” (Rough Cut)

This video shows a dramatic reading of an oral history account of a Korean elder who experienced the Korean War. Working with a collective of Korean American artists and activists, we attempted to imagine the audio-visual experience of war through the eyes and ears of a young civilian using Korean drums and hand-crafted props.




Demo Reel 2011 – 2014

Short compilation of works in which I was involved from 2011 to 2014



“Rise Up 4 Ramarley”

This video shows Constance Malcolm, mother of Ramarley Graham, speaking from her son’s grave site about how he was killed in his home by NYPD Officer Richard Haste in 2012. The release date of this video – Aug. 8, 2014 – marks 1 year since the DOJ announced it was looking into Ramarley’s case to decide whether or not to launch a formal investigation. Since that time, there has yet to be a Federal Grand Jury convened to prosecute Officer Haste for murdering Ramarley. Constance asks viewers to sign a petition demanding a Department of Justice investigation into the case. (Was responsible for collaborating with another media artist, SKIM, on filming, organizing archived footage, and editing the video)


“The Bill Bratton Blues” Guerrilla Theatre Skits on Broken Windows Policing    May 2014

This video shows community activists and young people led by Peoples’ Justice for Community Control and Police Accountability and Picture The Homeless taking to the subways of Harlem and the Bronx to perform guerrilla theater skits about discriminatory and abusive policing in NYC! The skits, designed to expose the ills of NYPD Commissioner William Bratton’s “Broken Windows” policing tactics and educate New Yorkers about our rights when interacting with the NYPD, were made simple enough for anyone to perform, and are easily edited to fit the needs of various communities across the city.                (Was responsible for archiving footage and editing)


US Out of Asia Rally, Times Square New York – April 2014

This video shows NYC Asian Pacific Islander activists and organizers demonstrating against the U.S.’s pivot to Asia and the proposed free trade agreement in Asia, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. (Was responsible for videography and editing)



From Park Chung-hee to Park Geun-hye: South Korea’s Fight for Democracy January 2014

Radio show (for Asia Pacific Forum on WBAI, NY) on the history of dictatorships and political repression in South Korea, as well as its continued legacy under the current Park Geun-hye administration. One year into her presidency, South Korean president Park Geun-hye faces growing calls for her ouster by South Korean citizens. From labor unions vowing to fight privatization and students discontent with chronic unemployment to civic groups critical of intelligence agencies interfering in domestic politics, diverse sectors of society are aligning to mount a serious challenge to Park’s power. Some liken her recent crackdowns on labor unions and the progressive party to state repression during the rule of her dictator father, Park Chung-hee. (Co-producer with Hyun Lee of the APF Collective; co-coordinated interviews, co-edited segments, collaborated on outreach and promotion)



Disrupting the Culture of Silence (Excerpt) – December 2013

As a part of an experimental video essay, this particular piece looks closely and critically at the culture of silence that is so ingrained within the Korean American community affecting the inter-generational dynamics between first generation Korean immigrants and second generation Korean Americans. This piece begins to look specifically at how second generation Korean Americans often struggle to access the history of their elders (especially through family members) and are discouraged to participate in political action or dissent of any kind (Was responsible for leading pre-production, production/shooting, post-production/editing; part of thesis project for M.A. degree in Media Studies at The New School)


Korean Interfaith Coalition NYC Slide Show- December 2013

Created by The Least of These Church (TLTC) in collaboration with Chogyesa Zen Temple of New York, St. Francis of Assisi Church Korean Community, New York Won-Buddhism Queens with the support of Judson Memorial Church. (Was responsible for photography, videography, editing)


Just Sharing – July 2013

An experimental video essay exploring my personal encounters with racial violence and a discussion on the broader history of U.S. imperialism influencing the formation of nations like South Korea. The piece is composed of staged performances, interviews with local Korean residents, and observational footage of everyday life lived by family members. (Was responsible for pre-production/coordinating collaboration, production/shooting, post-production/editing)


Rooftop Conversations (Excerpt) – July 2012

Part of the RE:assembly Exhibition by sound art collective Ultra-red, this particular video installation investigates the sounds of the Edgware Road community, starting off with investigating the sound of citizenship. This particular piece explores themes of citizenship, freedom, etc. through conversation, listening, and silence. (Provided assistance in editing and other parts of the post-production for piece)


Discarded Commodities Repercussions of the Detritus – March 2012

Featured in the Search Under Occupy held in the Aronson Gallery of The New School in April 2012, this is an audio-visual experimentation playing with the ideas of taming cacophony and the possible impossibility of attaching a singular sound to the OWS movement. (Was responsible for pre-production, production/shooting, post-production/editing)



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