I am a teaching artist and activist who seeks to contribute to social justice movements by helping to raise the voices of those most impacted by the many forms of oppression, marginalization, and dehumanization. I seek to be a part of collective efforts to find creative cultural strategies and practices that not only empower communities to share their experiences and self-determine the fate of their own stories but also to develop a critical lens that can analyze the socio-economic and political conditions reinforcing the histories of violence and oppression. What does it mean to collectively understand our shared living experiences and conditions through the stories we tell? How do we creatively use the stories to affect change? What does it mean for us to take control of the very means of communicating our stories?

I am currently working as a freelance media artist/activist and a teaching artist. I have worked with various grassroots organizations to produce media and performance pieces ranging from campaign videos calling for police accountability in New York to multi-media oral history performances that aim to show experiences of Korean activists struggling against war and military dictatorships in South Korea.

As a teaching artist, I am working with EarSay to support immigrant and refugee youth as they share their stories through performance and media.

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