Planning for Training on Oral History

Along with some of the coordinators of the Korean American activist organization, we have begun to plan for how we could practice conducting collective oral history sharing. We decided to invite second generation Korean Americans to share their understanding of the history of war, division, and U.S. imperialism in Korea. The participants could also help us think about how we should approach engaging with those who have more directly experienced war, displacement, and U.S. military occupation (perhaps more first generation Korean immigrants).

Broad/General Questions to get started?

What do you think are some details that most people in the U.S. don’t know about the Korean War?

What do you think to be some historical reasons for Koreans “immigrating” or “migrating” to the U.S.?

How is the history of Korean national formation linked to our experiences (as racial/ethnic other) in the U.S.?

More specific and personal questions?

How have you encountered Korean history in the U.S.?

Where do you think most of us learn about the history of Korea and US relations, war, militarism?

Oral History Practice & Process

What are some key things we want to establish when interviewing someone for oral history project? (the dynamic between interviewer/interviewee, the tone, the setting, etc.)

This is still a collective work in progress (online brainstorming, via google docs, for a practice session with 2nd generation KAs to happen in mid-April)

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