Abstract (Draft 1)


In this thesis, I will engage in a discourse on the reiteration of the Asian American identity politics and the mobilization of Asian American activists through various forms of alternative audio-visual media representations. Asian Americans, like other racialized minorities, face the challenges of negotiating for claim over their culture and history against the forces of Western cultural imperialism and dominance. Thus, it is important critically examine the violence of cultural assimilation imposed by the dominant ideology shaping U.S. nationhood. The purpose of this research and experiment is to evaluate prevailing strategies of stereotyping Asian American identities as well as find alternative artistic practices in order to challenge existing cultural norms that impose dehumanizing categorical markers on both communities and individuals. How do we go about constructing images and aesthetics that can potentially mobilize people situated within the U.S. to participate in activist movements against racial injustices enacted upon Asian Americans? At the same time, how can a group of Asian American activists effectively organize the histories and untold stories of racial oppression or marginalization of Asian American communities?

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