Questions Again…

How does a collective of Asian American artists and cultural activists conceptualize a set of practices able to reveal the representations of violence enacted through cultural imperialism (against Asian Diaspora communities) and pressures of cultural assimilation (imposition of dominant language and history, in particular, upon individual identities), while resisting co-option by dominant media industries and cultural institutions?

How does the collective conceptualize, collect, and organize stories about the struggles of cultural assimilation and (epistemic and/or symbolic) violence of Western cultural imperialism imposing language and history upon the Asian American Diaspora communities, who have been excluded from authorship of the U.S. official national narrative?

How does a collective of Asian American artists and cultural activists imagine Asian American/Diaspora histories, while resisting co-option by commercial media industries (and perhaps even state supported cultural institutions)?

Asian Diaspora culture does not need to be appropriated and re-significated by the dominant culture in order to exist and be sustained as means of forming common understanding valuable to Asian Diaspora communities. The value systems of the dominant culture does not necessarily constitute Asian American cultural formations and community consensus.

How do we describe our experience(s) of perceiving and experiencing our bodies as the other?

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