Another Attempt at posing Research Questions

How does a group of Asian American artists form an informal collective in which they negotiate an audio-visual language that is able to express (cultural) activist-oriented media content and represent hidden stories about struggles of different Asian American individuals and/or communities?

What kinds of themes need to be addressed in order to build a collection of artistic works representing the struggles of the different Asian Diaspora communities and their particular histories?

How do we imagine an Asian American (national) culture through alternative models of audio-visual media practices?

How do we (and is it possible to) resist social marginalization by creating alternative spaces in which to share our stories of migration and present liminal situations?

How is it possible for a collective negotiation on the imagination of of Asian American culture to emerge through the creative processes of developing an audio-visual language capable of communicating Asian American/Diaspora histories of struggles?

An audio-visual language, which addresses the myriad of histories that constitute the Asian Diaspora experience, is constitutive of collective negotiations on the formation of Asian American culture.

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