Thesis Project: Research Topic/Questions

Research Topic:

For this research project, I will engage in a discourse on the reconstruction and empowerment of hybrid Asian identities through representations constructed from various forms of audio-visual media. In this exploration, I hope to look at the ways in which different Asian diasporic communities in the U.S. have negotiated self-empowerment through alternative media practices. We will explore what it means to imagine artistic and media representational practices alternative or counter-active to the production of images and narratives imposed upon by mainstream media and the dominant culture in the U.S. We will navigate the politics surrounding the formation of Asian immigrant identities, both on the individual and the community level. The purpose of this research and experiment is to evaluate existing ways and also find new ways of challenging existing cultural norms that impose marginalizing categorical markers on both communities and individuals.

Research Questions:

How do we deconstruct harmful and dehumanizing representations without disavowing their existence and real impact on cultural formations? How do we go about constructing empowering images and aesthetics, at the same time addressing the histories and untold stories of racial oppression or discrimination? How is the hybridity of identities revealed through the artwork and media representations imagined by Asian American artists and media practitioners? How can Asian American artists and media practitioners collectively negotiate for alternative representational practices beyond the conventions, language, and influence of mainstream media industries?

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