Constructing A Persona

So, apparently it’s incredibly difficult to build a public persona of myself that people will perceive exactly the way I want them to. This maybe obvious (and a bit negative) but it’s impossible. People will look at you the way they want to, and it’s their will to do so. I can’t change the way people look at me, and I look at others in a different way than how others view themselves. The point is, I can only control what I perceive. With that being said, each one of us also has the right to express her/himself about how he/she is perceived. We can control how we express our identities.

My newest project deals with this issue of perception. One goes through so much to show all the parts one desires to show about one’s identity. Yet, as spectators, especially in the enterprise of film and audio-visual representation, we impose our own meaning and interpretation about anyone on screen. The filmmaker also imposes ideas and markers through stylistic approaches, aesthetic strategies, and other conventional tools and motifs. There are some deep and profound ethical implications with representing another person according to a filmmaker’s stylistic choices. The image of the person on screen becomes controlled by the filmmaker. I think that this power to mold how one is viewed is something all viewers should be aware of. Can we at least try to realize the thick layer of signifiers, not willfully applied by the character on screen, over the image? How can we also look beyond the terms and language used to portray or describe somebody? How can we not be completely distracted by the visual spectacle and listen closely to the voice of the individual with his/her own power and own visions to express?

Check it out! Please provide feedback, if you think I’m worthy of any constructive criticism šŸ™‚

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